Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Basic HTML Tutorials

Anytime someone asks me how to get started building websites, I always point them to w3schools.com. Sometimes reading is just too much work. That's why I send a lot of people there. Because learning how to write web sites well takes some work. Once you understand how to write a static page of content, then you can progress to learning a web programming language like PHP or ASP. You'll also want to learn how to program in Javascript since most client-side functions are programmed using it.

You can make websites using software that's already available, but you will be stuck within that software package. For instance, you can do just about anything with a Wordpress blog, and it is relatively easy, but you would have trouble fully customizing it to your liking without some knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

I feel that anyone who wants to create websites should learn the basics. We'll be going over some basics in future posts but w3schools is a great place to start.

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